This machine adopts servo control system, programmable PLC program control system, photoelectric tracking, Swiss Roabtech hot melt adhesive spraying system, touch screen man-machine interface control system, integrated machine electrical to realize automatic paper feeding, glue spraying, folding and the wrapping action is completed at one time. Mainly suitable for 300-450 ivory board, kraft paper, B/E/F corrugated paper, and other packaging materials. It is widely used in food, cosmetics, clothing, stationery, toys, fruits, wine boxes, daily necessities, health products, etc.

Specifications: corrugated board single wall corrugated board double wall ivory board single wall ivory board double wall
Paper Wrap size : A:220-620 314-614 220-540 314-540
B:220-740 280-740 220-640 280-640
BOX SIZE L(mm) 120-550 120-430 120-350 120-350
W(mm) 120-415 130-310 120-260 130-260
H(mm) 25-130 35-70 25-80 35-70
Board-side edge width: 6
10-15 / 6-10
Speed  (Pcs/Hours)
Turn in depth (mm)
Ivory board/white board paper:
Electrical power:10KW
Glue tank capacity:
Air supply:
150L/min 0.6MPA
Cardboard pile height:
Net weight:
Overall dimension:

Note: 1. The length of the small box is L=Hx2+20mm, and the width of the cardboard in the forming guider is ≤500mm
        2. The company does not provide air compressors;
        3. Several factors that affect the speed of the machine: raw materials, glue and operator proficiency;
        4. Due to continuous innovation in product design, the above data is for reference only; subject to change without notice.


1 Automatic Paper Feeding Unit
Newly developed feeder enables high-speed separation and conveying of corrugated and paper board
2 Board Folding Device
High-speed conveying ,prefect glue applying and board -side folding system
3 Automatic Glue Spraying System
High speed paper feeding and automatic precise glue spraying
4 Automatic Forming Unit
Its structure is simple ,four angles and folded during high speed operation

(1)Improve the quick and accurate time for changing molds of various specifications, and save the parameters and directly call the last parameter to use, which greatly saves the time for changing molds.
(2)Only need to manually install the mold, other parts, only need to input the width and length of the box on the touch screen, it will automatically adjust , can save time.
(3)The frame of the forming mold can be stretched to prevent scratches,finished box more nice.
(4)Easier to debug the machine.

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